The Lake Champlain Islands is one of the best places in Vermont for biking with its mostly flat or gently sloped terrain and its beautiful lake, mountain, and rural countryside views. We recommend renting bikes and taking rides on your own, as there are maps of easy routes available & plenty of places to rent bikes; or if you prefer a guided experience, several bike tour companies have lodging with us as part of their guided tours, however these must be arranged by booking a tour with one of these companies. Below we have listed the resources which may be useful to you as you are planning.


  • NHH Bike Rentals
    • $27 for a full day, helmet included
  • Hero’s Welcome
  • Ken’s Island Peddler
    • Route 2, Grand Isle Village
    • 802-372-4809
  • Allenholm Bicycle Rental Shop


Guided Tours

These tours incorporate our establishment as part of their biking tours. You can contact them to make reservations, see the links below.